All of my mods are updated to MC 1.5.2 with the forge build 684

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DBC Latest News (5th of May 2013):
DBC 1.0.11 is here!
With now a real hair system but only with JBRA, You can use it without JBRA too its just you wont see the hairs. Hairs are pernament but you can cut them if you ask Kami at the lookout.
The hair items are removed. and with this you can use hairs and scouters finally together!!!
Ki beams more balanced.
Bug fixes caused by sounds.
Xray glitch workaround has been made.
Fixed some Spanish and Portuguese translation problems.

Naruto C Latest News (5th of May 2013):
Naruto C 0.2.2 still nothing new… sorry bout that but DBC had many features worked on.
Compatibility with MC 1.5.2
and with forge build 684.
Fixed with JBRA an outfit glitch.

HD Skins Latest News (5th of May 2013):
Updated to MC 1.5.2 with forge build 684.

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15 Responses to All of my mods are updated to MC 1.5.2 with the forge build 684

  1. jomam says:

    i still have probelms with emna

  2. jomam says:

    forget what i said

  3. jomam says:


  4. OzanBagir says:

    Hair appears not to work for me…
    I installed Forge, Dragonblockc and JBRA but i can only charge and fire ki blasts when i have a scouter on…

  5. 11thGeneral says:

    when will you be adding super saiyan 3 hair, JinRyuu?

  6. 11thGeneral says:

    please answer i kinda want to know

  7. jomam says:

    jin ryuu you should watch megagwolf he did a 2 great mod reviews of your mod and he is doing a let´s play of your mod and it is the latest update can you plz put him in your minecraft forum videos?

  8. niki says:

    when will have super saiyan 3

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