About me

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My First Name is Tamás (Thomas) and my Last Name is Nagy. But Everyone knows me as Jin Ryuu.
I Live in Bicske in Hungary.

I’m a Communication Technician (Electrician) And a Multimedia Developer (proficient in HTML, PHP, Visual Basic, Java, C# and in C++)

I’m Interested in Game making, coding, Texturing and similar tasks. I have great plans for games and mods i’m making and will make.

My only dream is to bring enjoyment with my games and mods to people and this dream of mine is now 16 years old.

Without everyone I would be no one.  So Thank you mates!


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This is my first mod and because I’m an Anime fan I decided to make a Dragon Ball mod for Minecraft. I have many future plans, But only then will I work on it if people found interest in my work.The C in the title indicates Craft to be exact ^ ^ I also planing to make a Naruto C Mod if everything goes as planed.
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I started on my second mod too. Naruto C
I wanted to start it for a long time now. I will update every mod i make as i can. I plan many features for Naruto C too, and i wont backdown. I will make many more Anime mods as i have time.

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