A Tragic end

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In 2018 October 9, Tamás Nagy, known as JinRyuu has passed away at the age of 30.

Every day he spend thinking about what future plans he has, but around October 2012, he started working on his first widely known minecraft mod, Dragon Block C (Craft).
The mod has given him motivation and light to a bright future he wanted to work towards.
It was not easy at first, but he never lost his sight on his dreams, and after years and years, his name was known by more people he ever Dreamed of, it made him really happy.
Although his path was full with hardships, and times when he could not bring himself to work for weeks from stress, his dream to become someone, who leaves a big impact on many people did not let him give up, and he enjoyed it.
Enduring 6 years, he became really proud of the end result of how loved his works are.

But on day he started feeling pain, and decided to not go to a doctor this time…
Days later he suddenly collapsed, his blood circulation stopped working… after calling an ambulance, the doctors tried to help him, but sadly… it was too late…

He was a Great person, and a Great brother, and will be missed!

Thank you for everything Jin, and everyone in the community!

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About the future of his works:
– His mods, and everything he worked on are completely stopped for now on his side
– Everything he gained some sort of an income will be shut down for now

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46 Responses to A Tragic end

  1. sans390 says:

    man I cant believe it. He was so good for us same with problems he did the mod for everyone, I just cant believe.

    • Jacob says:

      sadly, I didn’t get the news until now. I hope he’s living his full life in Heaven and Having a happy life. Rest in Peace, Jin.

      • Jacob says:

        You will be missed, but as they say, “all things good must come to an end.” He loved his community. May he Finally be free in The Afterlife. God Came to him with open arms, and he can rest knowing That we didn’t love him just because of the mod, but because he was a good person. “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. Be the best you can be, and you will get it back in return.” May he Rest in Peace.

  2. Abelatox says:

    Res in peace Jin, you will be missed 🙁

  3. sekwah41 says:

    You were an amazing programmer and a friend Jin, you will be missed.

  4. 【Ryuu】 says:

    You were a great and humble friend.

  5. yoyosama666 says:

    Another developer passes. I heard from Crimson that he would spend long hours without sleep working on the mod. I really wish he stopped working on the mod or got a team. Rest in peace jin

  6. George says:

    Rest in peace Jin, buddy we will always love you and we will keep you alive in our hearts <3

  7. It Truly is tragic how every talented and glorious creator always pass away, it’s like some sort of sick comedy. I will truly miss Jinryuu, and forever thank him and his mod for getting me into Dragon Ball.

  8. AkaSora says:

    I Never was good at this thing but, I guess the only real thing I can say is Thank You, Jin. Thank you for making the mod that led to me meeting the friends I have today, Thank you for putting up with the bs the me and the community threw at you over the years and persisting with the development of the mod that defined a good portion of my life

  9. Cell says:

    This… Is Tragic. I didn’t know him personally, nor did I take into consideration the stress he was under. This is a horrible loss, as he was the only great modder left for Minecraft, or at least the only good one that made one of the best mods for Minecraft. In this mod, there was still so much to do, and so much yet to see. It’s a shame, as I don’t think anyone can take the reigns over the mod, so this may be the last thing we see of this mod. I don’t know if I can continue, if I can last. This is one of the last things I had, which, yeah, sounds really dumb, but I loved this mod from when I had first found it a year ago to now. Jin, rest in the lord’s hands now, you’ve made it.

    “Sometimes people come into your life for a moment, a day, or a lifetime. It matters not the time they spent with you, but how they impacted your life in that time. No one comes into your life by accident, everyone that crosses your path serves a purpose.” – Unknown

  10. master110 says:

    Rest in peace jin i loved the mod you made and my condolences to his family

  11. RoxasSmart says:

    Rest in peace Jin, we love you ;’)

  12. 777jrf says:

    I don’t know Jin or any of his family, but his hard work is an inspiration to us, the people who supported him from behind our screens, and to his friends. A man as good as him is few and far between. We shall always remember you, thank you,Jin.

    My condolences to his family and friends I wish you all th best of luck and wealth in the future.

  13. CryoTheMayo says:

    Dude, what the hell. He worked on this for seven years and had a ridiculous number of ideas and plans he wanted to fulfil. This is just tragic.

    Hopefully he is happy wherever he has ended up now.

  14. LordSaden says:

    Jin was an awesome man…

    He brought so many of us together, I would not be the same person if not for his wonderful work.

    I had made my irl best friend off of meeting them while playing his game, I had met so many people and discovered something more about myself and the simple things in life.

    I hope he spends the rest of his eternal days with bliss, because that is all he deserves. Thank you Jin Ryuu. You are our Hero.

  15. Brandon E says:

    At such a young age too. Rest in Peace the greatest mod developer of all time. YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!

  16. 凌小汐 says:

    May you be happy in heaven

  17. skyling says:

    I can’t believe it…
    After so many years playing this mod..
    I am not someone that comments that much or is really that social.
    But this really broke my heart.
    So many hours spent on this mod, cheeking the site alot of times waiting for an update.
    I was just surprised how hard working Jin was, and even tho i could hear “sighs” on his youtube videos, i thought that he would just take breaks and rest properly.
    But nope………
    He was so young and yet died so soon, i feel so sorry for jin’s family and friends…
    I’d like to say something; just to respect jin’s work and the person he was, please someone continue the mod, because if he was still here, he would love to see the mod finished and he would be proud…
    Rest in peace Jin, i couldn’t repay you the hours and hours of joy you gave me with your mods…

    (I’m sorry for my english, im just really shocked and sad this happened).

  18. Roka says:

    I’m not even entirely sure I can completely comprehend this. I’ve been with this mod since the beginning, and have seen Jin develop his skills and talents, and grow this massive community. I never thought things would turn out like this, but I hope that Jin is up there somewhere, smiling at the work he’s done.

  19. When I found out that he died I was just randomly scrolling through youtube on my way home and saw that he died I was so sad but at least it’s good that he is in peace and is training with king kai

    Sometimes life’s to uncertain to have regrets – Goku
    The family has my best wishes, I know it’s to early but will the mod stay stopped forever or will a time happen when it is picked back up?
    There doesn’t need to be a response.

  20. _Rasto_ says:

    Rest in Peace dear Jin

  21. jake says:

    Rest In Peace Jin, you will be missed

  22. Bsharprules says:

    Jin will be dearly missed by all.

  23. I haven’t been here for a while and just thought I would come check up on things without knowing what happened. Thank you for all your hard work, Jin, and may you rest in peace.

  24. Tinix says:

    Godspeed you magnificent bastard, you will be missed ;-;

  25. Karthadon says:

    Rest in peace. Keep up with your training in the otherworld 🙂

  26. WindowCreep says:

    Assuming that it might become an open mod where everyone can edit and upload to other places, not sure though

  27. Isaac says:

    I feel that I should post something. I have played this mod and lurked on these forums for 5 years. There were countless times I would sit in class or at work and think about what Jin was working on and how excited I was to play this very high quality mod. It was always a treat to read his updates on Twitter. It is so sad that this happened, I wish his close friends and family the best and I hope he knew how much his community appreciated him.

  28. Xymgar says:

    Thank you Jin. You will be missed.

  29. megafreeze says:

    Damn Dude, You will be Missed. May you Rest in Piece.

  30. jhonishi says:

    🙁 i am new here then this happen…rest in peace master jin

  31. Jarlington says:

    Jins mods made a lot of Minecraft fun again, he was an amazing modder as well as I can imagine an amazing man, Rest In Peave you modding hero JinRyuu

  32. Golden cell says:

    This is just sad, rest in peace greatest mod developer ever Jin you will be missed.

  33. Quentin Man says:

    I very liked his works. For me it was the best mods on Minecraft i hope he’s happy up there. Rest in peace Ryuu 🙁

  34. wang says:

    Rest in peace Jin.Thank you

  35. Cynister1 says:

    Rest in peace Jin. You will be missed greatly.

  36. cyndasaur says:

    This is terrible dude.

    I just wanna say, Jin, you gave me hundreds of hours of fun. I never knew you, but I’m genuinely grateful for everything you’ve done, the people you’ve brought together, and I’m grateful for you making the world just a little more fun. You will genuinely be missed, and not forgotten.

  37. hola says:

    fue un honor haberte dado ideas, descansa en paz amigo mio :”)
    siempre estarás en mi corazón….Siempre

  38. jin voce sempre sera o pai dessa criaçao sua falta aqui sera muito grande eu nem de conheci mas descanse em paz T_T

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