A New Start!

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With the founder of JinGames, Tamás “JinRyuu” Nagy passing away (link for more information), throwing away all his work is not an option.

JinGames will be led by me from now on, I’m Benjámin “JinGames” Nagy, JinRyuu’s youngest brother.
I have years of experience in programming, and very little experience in minecraft modding.
It will take me some months before I can continue his mods properly, and make new updates for them, and for everything else, but they aren’t dead.

New mod updates will probably not come out in this Year.

Great Thanks to everyone!

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15 Responses to A New Start!

  1. Glad says:

    It’s very commendable of you to carry on your brothers legacy. Take your time with all this.

  2. kev_spyro says:

    wow, i believe it must be a great pressure to continue such a big mod and you have my respect for taking on the task, that he left behind, i’m excited on how Tamás work will be evolve 😀

    but take your time with the modding, there is no rush from me at least ^^

  3. I’m sure you’ll do a good job.

  4. Luis Miguel says:

    take your time does not matter for my part thank you very much for continuing with the mod

  5. Luis Miguel says:

    tomato your time does not matter for my part thank you very much for continuing with the mod

  6. Best of luck on carrying your brothers work, We’re all happy to wait for to get your bearings on the mod. Take your time and make sure you’re comfortable with the mod.
    Best of wishes to you and your family.

  7. luis pereyra says:

    Thanks for not leaving behind the great work of your brother, you are my Hero !!, I will leave you some recommendations that you can put in future updates:

    -Add to the Mastered UI:
    with obviously more power, with a better cup of chance to dodge attacks and also add that auto attack without touching anything at the moment you get hit

    -Add the Ki of a Hakaishin:
    the state that Toppo was seen in the saga of the tournament of power (additionally adds also the teckina of the Hakai)

    -New Teckicas de Ki:
    in these updates there are no techniques like the Final Exploration of Vegeta, the Teleportation, the Hakai, among others …

    -More Warrior Races:
    It is very limited the number of races I would recommend to put new ones like Jiren, Bills, Buu, etc …

    -Fusion Potara:
    Not much to say is a little stressful having to raise the level of the Dance Fusion and also it would be nice if you could use the Potara of a Kaioshin since they have no time limit

    -The Planet of Bills and The Kaioshin:
    I do not know if everyone bothers you but I do not like that the Kaio del Norte teaches you techniques like the GodForm or the Mystical State, those techniques should be taught by Whis and the old Kaio with their respective planets

    Well that’s all Luck with everything! You are the MAX !!!! (sorry if it is badly written is that I am from Uruguay and use the Google translator)

  8. leswill says:

    welp i dont want frequent updates or stuff i only want that ” remember to stay cool” after every post

  9. skyling says:

    I admire the fact that you will continue with this mod.
    Benjámin, I think you will be a great modder.
    Huge thanks for continuing your brother’s work (Rest in peace).

    But take your time, ok?

  10. Mari Aquaria says:

    I wish you the best of luck, Benjámin. When I first heard the news, I was rather shocked…and sad. Sure I didn’t know Jin, but he worked so hard to make great mods for this community, which… he succeeded in doing, and now you’re keeping your brother’s legacy going… so, again, good luck… have fun… do what you think is right… and know that the Dragon Block community supports you.

  11. Lord Frieza says:

    Ben, this is very cool of you and I’m happy you took your brother’s work. best of luck and at least post weekly updates of your modding adventure : P.

  12. SonGino says:

    Goodluck for modding DBC !

  13. dude says:

    take care of yourself and your brothers dream and live a long life.

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