Naruto C 0.2! Tweaked jutsu system, 18 new outfits from konoha and an akatsuki outfit.

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Naruto C Update News (18th of April 2013):
Naruto C 0.2 is out!
Jutsu system little tweaked. Now you can start pressing the jutsu keys without first right clicking and the older method is still there if you liked that more.
When you pressed the right combination a chat message will tell you what jutsu you will make and its chakra cost.
18 New Konoha outfits from Team 7, 8, 9 aand an Akatsuki outfit is added too ^^

The recipes for the outfits are the following.
1. Make the basic ninja outfit. That is the base for all outfits.
2. in crafting table put the basic ninja outfit in the middle and put the specific color around it.

for example you put in the middle the flak jacket and around it red dyes from the rose then you will get the young sasuke’s shirt.
If you want the Shippuden sasuke’s shirt then put the young sasuke’s shirt in the middle of the crafting table and put around again the red dye from the roses and you will get the shippuden sasuke’s shirt.

There are 16 color dyes in minecraft and 10 color dyes are used now. I will later make a video for it but now it would be too much XD
And it might change!

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